Consumer compliments and feedback

Your feedback on the care you receive from WA Country Health Services (WACHS) is important. It lets us know what is working well and what can be improved.

We welcome:

  • comments
  • concerns
  • complaints
  • compliments
  • suggestions
  • queries
  • A hospital reception
  • Meeting of health professionals

How to share your feedback

In person

  • Talk to the staff caring for you; or
  • Ask to speak to a senior staff member of service manager; or
  • Ask to speak with an Aboriginal Liaison Officer


You can publicly and anonymously share your story about your experience with WA Country Health Services via the Patient Opinion website

The website allows you to tell us what is important to you and we can show how we are listening and responding to patients, their carers and families to improve.

Phone or write to your regional WACHS office

Map of Western Australia showing the WA Country Health Services regions



Regional contacts






South West

Great Southern

  • Tell us what happened, where and when with dates and times if possible
  • Include information on who was involved
  • Let us know what you would like to see happen as a result of your feedback
  • Please include your contact details if you would like someone to contact you

If unsure, direct your feedback to

What happens next?

Compliments are sent to the relevant staff members, their line manager and executive.

Suggestions are discussed and considered by the health service and where possible improvements are introduced.


  • Your feedback will be recorded.
  • Your complaint will not be included in your medical record.
  • This information is filed separately and is confidential.
  • We will contact you to let you know we have received your complaint.
  • Your complaint will be investigated. This can take two to six weeks. If there are delays, we will let you know.
  • You will be given the name and contact details of a staff member to speak to during the process.
  • You will be informed of the outcome, either by letter or telephone, unless you indicate otherwise. You can then respond or ask for further information if you wish.
  • Making a complaint will not impact on any future care or treatment.

Freedom of Information

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the FOI Act) gives you the right to apply for access to documents held by the WA Country Health Service.

We can help you to obtain access to your requested information, and ensure that personal information we hold is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading.

How to apply for access to information

The WA Country Health Service has Freedom of Information (FOI) coordinators and officers across Western Australia. They are designated to receive FOI applications and they can provide information regarding the nature and types of documents held.

Contact your regional office:

Or contact the Office of the Information Commissioner (Western Australia) for more information.

Western Australian Health Complaint Management Policy

The Western Australian Health Complaint Management Policy applies to all public health service providers in WA. The Policy does not apply to private health service providers except where this involves the management of complaints lodged by, or on behalf of, public patients treated at the health service.

This Policy refers to complaints lodged by a consumer of a public health service in WA, or their carer. It does not include complaints lodged by staff or contractors, unless the complaint is made on behalf of the consumer.

Useful contacts

The Health Consumers' Council: Provide external advocacy and support to patients, carers, and families with complaints processes.

Unit 6 Wellington Fair 40 Lord Street 
Phone: (08) 9221 3422 
Free call: 1800 620 780 
Facsimile: (08) 9221 5435


Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO):HaDSCO can provide an independent review of your health or disability service complaint (including mental health services), if you are unable to resolve your complaint with the health service.

GPO Box B61
Perth WA 6838 
Phone: (08) 6551 7600 
Facsimile: (08) 6551 7630 
Teletext phone: (08) 6551 7640 
Free Call: 1800 813 583