Do you already have a telehealth appointment scheduled?

If you already have a telehealth appointment scheduled you will have received information on the time and location of your appointment.

Your appointment location

Appointments via telehealth can be held at your local hospital or health centre in a private room. Staff will contact you with your telehealth booking details. Staff at the hospital will guide you to the room where the equipment will be set up and ready. Find out more by contacting your Regional Telehealth Support Officer.

If you are having your appointment from home, the Telehealth appointments at home (external site) webpage will help you set up a device and get ready for your appointment.

For information on cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, visit the Telehealth (external site) webpage.

Do I get a reminder for my appointment?

All telehealth patients receive a message to their mobile phone as an appointment reminder.

As a carer, can I attend the appointment too?

Appointments at a health centre are held in a private room and patients are welcome to take family members, friends or a carer with them.

If I have a telehealth appointment in my home, what do I do if the equipment is not working?

If you require technical assistance with a telehealth consult currently in progress or need advice on setting up for a consult in your home, and would like to speak to a service desk operator please call 1300 367 166.

Please remember, like any medical appointment, there can be times when your specialist might be delayed and you have to wait.

Can I loan equipment for telehealth consultations at home?

Unfortunately telehealth equipment is not available for loan to patients.

The majority of country public health services use telehealth and have equipment available for patient use. 

In some cases, the TelePalliative Care in the Home service provides loan devices to palliative patients/carers who don’t have access to their own device. If you require further information on TelePalliative Care in the home please contact your regional palliative care team.