Telehealth for non-government organisations and health professionals

There are many benefits of using telehealth for patients, from saving money and time to having appointments in a more convenient location, not to mention the impact being away from home can have on work, family and recovery. The high definition video consultation can be just like having the patient in the room, with two-way audio and visual communication.

Telehealth is continuing to expand with more and more health professionals delivering appointments across a range of specialties and disciplines to patients via telehealth. Telehealth is used by many non-government organisations to deliver services to patients as well as to health professionals that are able to use the technology to attend education and training events.

The Statewide Telehealth Service can assist health professionals to build a telehealth service.

Like to know more and access telehealth resources for your patients? Please call 1300 367 166.

WA Health professionals please visit the telehealth hub (intranet).