Telehealth stories

Telehealth allows Fred to do rehab from the mines

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease five years ago, Fred Sellars has only recently been able to take part in regular rehabilitation and support classes.

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Ian keeps on trucking for specialist’s appointments

When Ian Barlow sees his cancer specialist, he’s usually sitting in the cab of his road train. Telehealth is enabling the Esperance truckie, who has lymphoma cancer, to have most of his regular check-ups with his specialist on his smartphone parked at the side of the road during his compulsory fatigue break.

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Grandpa stays home with kids thanks to telehealth

Carnarvon grandfather Colin Cook is a busy man – he has grandchildren to look after and a busy life to lead. He is also recovering from cancer, and after having to live in Perth for months to receive treatment, he is glad to be back at home looking after his family.

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