Junior doctor support

Taking responsibility for your own self-care is an important part of being an effective doctor. No-one is immune to work-related issues that can impact on your physical and mental health.  Being proactive and managing problems and identifying support networks is a crucial step towards positive self-care. 

WACHS takes the health and wellbeing of rural doctors seriously.  If you are having issues or know someone who is, there are multiple avenues for support.

Summary of junior doctors resources and support

It is recommended that all medical students and doctors have their own General Practitioner (GP). If you are having difficulty finding a GP, then the Doctor’s Health Advisory Service (DHAS) WA has a "Doctors for Doctors List" of GPs and psychiatrists.

  •  Doctors Health Advisory Service  
    • Personal health resources for Doctors, Medical Students and Families in WA
    • Doctors for Doctors list
    • Confidential 24 hour health service is available to all doctors and medical students (08) 9321 3098
    • Can be contacted by the person themselves or by a concerned colleague, friend or family member
    • Consists of a panel of experienced male and female GPs, reporting back to no organisation
    • Does not require callers to identify themselves
    • Deals with problems that may include stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, grief or concerns about illness.
    • Is exempt from the mandatory reporting requirements of the Medical Board of Australia 
  • JMO welfare resources handout
    • Tips, assessment tools and self-care resources for JMOs collated by JMOs
    • Doctors health and wellbeing resources
    • Contact phone numbers for help and support in time of need
    • Resources for promoting the work of the doctors' health advisory service
  • WACHS Employee Assistance Program (only accessible via a WA Health computer) 
    • A free, confidential counselling service is available to all WACHS employees
    • Depending on the facilities offered in each region the EAP session may be face – to face (generally preferred and most prevalent), or via telephone or over the internet depending on your preference.
  • Rural Link
    • Specialist after hours mental health telephone service for people in rural communities of Western Australia, provided by the East Metropolitan Health Service
  • PMCWA JMO Survival Guide
  • Are you OK?
  • Australian Medical Association (WA)
  • Australasian Doctors' Health Network 

Helplines and Online Services