Patient charter

The purpose of the Western Australian Public Patients' Hospital Charter is to explain your rights and responsibilities when using public hospitals and health centres in Western Australia.


The Western Australian Public Patients' Hospital Charter describes your rights and responsibilities when using any WA Department of Health hospitals and health centres, including those provided by the WA Country Health Service (WACHS).

All patients in Western Australian public hospitals have a number of fundamental rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are detailed below:

1.  Access to health services: 

  • To choose quality public hospital services as a public patient free of charge or as a private patient
  • To receive services on the basis of clinical need as promptly as circumstances permit, regardless of financial or health insurance status
  • To be treated with respect and dignity, taking into consideration privacy and special needs
  • To have access to a basic range of public hospital services regardless of where you live in Western Australia.

2. Information about your health care:

  • To be given a clear explanation of any proposed treatment, including possible risks and alternatives, before agreeing or refusing to have treatment
  • To seek a second opinion
  • To be given information about your continuing health care before you leave the hospital
  • To see your medical records, subject to some legal provisions, and to have personal information kept confidential.

3. Consent to take part in training and research:

  • To agree or refuse to participate in health professional training or medical research
  • To comment or complain about the health care you receive and to be given information about how to lodge a complaint.

How you can help

Knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities will make your relationship with health care providers a mutually beneficial one. There are a number of things patients can do that will help the hospital to provide better care.

1. Information you should provide the hospital staff: 

  • Your medical history and any treatment or medication you were receiving when admitted to hospital
  • Any changes in your condition
  • Any special needs you have
  • If you are unwilling or unable to follow any treatment instructions
  • If you require more information.

2. Consideration for staff and other patients:

  • Try to keep your appointments. If unable to keep an appointment, advise the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Be aware and considerate of the needs of other patients
  • Be courteous and respectful of hospital staff
  • Be aware that hospitals have a special role in the training of health care professionals. 

A short summarised pamphlet of The Western Australian Public Patients' Hospital Charter is available in English, as well as several other languages, on the Department of Health website.

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