About us

The WA Country Health Service is committed to providing accessible health services to the regional population, and a quality health care workforce. Find out more about our strategic planning, organisation, policies and priorities.

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Our purpose and strategy
We have a clear purpose and set of values at the WA Country Health Service. All of this is reflected in our strategic plan which is aimed at improving health service delivery to WA country communities. Here you can find information on our plans for the future.
Our structure
The WA Country Health Service is currently organised into seven regions to deliver quality healthcare to residents and visitors in country Western Australia. Find out about how we operate. Regional statistics are also provided here.
Regional health services
The WA Country Health Service has a strong network of public hospitals, health services and nursing posts located across rural and remote Western Australia. Our core business is the provision of quality, accessible health services to people from large regional centres to those in small remote communities.
Patient charter
The purpose of the Western Australian Public Patients' Hospital Charter is to explain your rights and responsibilities when using public hospitals and health centres in Western Australia.
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
The WA Country Health Service has a legal obligation to ensure that our health services cater for people with disabilities in Western Australia. Our Disability Access and Inclusion Implementation Plan (DAIP) aims to achieve this, and each of the seven regions has a committee to oversee the implementation of their respective plans.
Committees and networks
Find out about the WA Country Health Service health links and networks. Information on professional associations we partner with is also provided here.
Contact us
Here you can find key contact information for the WA Country Health Service including emergency 24 hour contacts, those for the regional areas and key programs such as Patient Assisted Travel Scheme and WA Healthy School Project Coordinators.
Consumer advice and complaints
The WA Country Health Service values feedback from patients, family members, carers and the community. Complaints and feedback help us to identify areas in need of improvement from a consumer/carer's perspective. Your comments help us in our commitment to continuous improvement and delivery of safe, high quality health care to our community.