Our health programs

WA Country Health Service has a range of health programs that promote health among the entire spectrum of the regional popluation—male, female, children to aged, indigenous, mental health etc. There are also programs providing financial assistance.

Aboriginal health
Illness and death rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are significantly higher than those of the non-indigenous population. The WA Country Health Service works with these communities to ensure they receive culturally-appropriate health care that meets their needs.
Alcohol and pregnancy
This section provides information for health professionals and the general public on fetal alcohol syndrome and related disorders.
Allied health
Allied health professionals in the WA Country Health Service (WACHS) cover a full range of therapeutic and technical disciplines, and are located all over regional Western Australia to better serve their country communities.
Child Development Services
WA Country Health Service (WACHS) offers a range of free child development services for families of children from birth to 18 years of age. We support families of children who are experiencing developmental delays or difficulties in areas such as eating, hearing, talking, understanding, movement, hand skills, and social/play skills.
Child health
WACHS Child Health Services are one element of the overarching Healthy Country Kids Strategy, along with Child Development Services and School Health. This Strategy aims to ensure that all children in Country WA benefit from quality child health and development services that support their optimal health development and wellbeing.
Chronic disease
Long-term conditions and disease are placing increasing pressure on individuals, families, carers, the community and the health system. WACHS has introduced a number of initiatives to help people with long-term conditions, and service providers to become more informed about the principles and specific skills to support self-management.
Command Centre
The WA Country Health Service Command Centre is the latest innovation in country health care, bringing together new and existing services in a 24/7 ‘virtual’ clinical hub.
Live Organ Donor Travel and Accommodation Reimbursement Scheme
The purpose of the Live Organ Donor Travel and Accommodation Reimbursement scheme is to assist permanent WA Country Health Service residents to participate in the Western Australian live organ donation program.
Maternal health
Find out about maternity services, childbirth and parenting classes available in country Western Australia.
Mental health
Here you can find information about mental health services in regional Western Australia.
Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS)
Funded by Royalties for Regions, the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) provides a subsidy towards the cost of travel and accommodation for eligible residents of WA only who need to travel more than 100 klms to attend medical specialists appointments, or those receiving dialysis or cancer treatment who travel between 70 - 100 kms one way.
Public health
Find out how to access information about public health programs available in country Western Australia.
School health
Find out how to access information about school health programs in country Western Australia.
The WA Country Health Service leads and promotes Telehealth as a key statewide program in Western Australia. Find out more about the program.