Career prospects

A career in the health area can be the gateway to a rewarding and exciting future. Here you can find information on job prospects and health career profiles.

Job prospects

Did you know that Health careers were deemed the 5th fastest growing occupation in todays industry? Not only that, but Youth and Disability workers as well as Aged and Disabled carers were projected to be in the top 10 growing occupations for the future (see pie chart below).

Health and Community Services is in fact Australia's fourth largest employer, employing 1 million Australians - 10.0% of total industry employment.  Population ageing, community demands for high level health care and growth in child care will generate further job gains.

The profile in Health and Community services is skewed towards highly skilled occupations. Around 37% of workers have a bachelor degree or higher qualification, while about one third have VET qualifications. There are widespread skill shortages in Health, particularly for child care, nurses and health specialists, including physiotherapists, pharmacists, dentists and medical imaging professionals.  

As you can see below, health and community services are the fastest growing sector.

Share of Projected Employment Growth By Industry (2010-2011)
Share of Projected Employment Growth By Industry (2010-2011)

Health career profiles

There are many rural health careers available.  Some involve study at university, others at TAFE, and some receive on the job training.  Examples of the exciting careers available in rural health include:

Helpful resources

A range of resources are available to assist health professionals, educators and community stakeholders to promote health careers to local high school students, either at high school presentations, career expos or during work experience.


  • Careers in Health brochure: Your Chance to Make a Difference:  Brochure showcasing all health profession careers, including where to find out more information.  Developed by WACHS.

A range of websites provide comprehensive information on health careers, including: