DHAC guidelines, policies, and member resources

DHAC Guidelines

The DHAC Guidelines provide detailed information on the DHAC roles, Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, recruitment and application processes, governance, and administration.

Please also refer to the DHAC Protocols for Student Participation, for those DHACs who are partnering with local high schools and enable student participation in DHAC meetings.

DHAC Member Payment & Reimbursement Policy

WACHS values our long established partnership with our DHACs and the time and commitment volunteered by their consumer and community members. Therefore our DHAC consumer/community members are offered the following:

  • an hourly participation payment for participation at approved DHAC meetings
  • reimbursement of pre-approved travel expenses (not including travel time), accommodation, meals, and other out-of-pocket expenses up to Public Service Award rates, and Australian Taxation Office travel cost reimbursement rates.

DHAC members have the right to accept or decline payment and reimbursement for their participation.  Refer to the policies below for more information:


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