07.02.2020 11:51 Age: 263 days

Accessing health services during tropical cyclone Damien

The WA Country Health Service has confirmed the appropriate procedures are in place at Karratha Health Campus to see service delivery continue throughout tropical cyclone Damien.  

Given the facility is located within one of the most severe cyclonic wind regions in Australia, it has been built to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) which includes the building being rated to a standard category five cyclone wind region D.

With a real focus on preparedness, the WA Country Health Service has already addressed:

  • Staffing throughout the cyclone
  • Supplies – medical, food, pharmaceuticals
  • Ensuring patients in the community are prepared

While emergency and inpatient care will continue to be available throughout a red alert, all outpatient hospital, allied health and nursing appointments have or will be cancelled. Roebourne Hospital will temporarily close should a red alert occur and reopen once a safety assessment has taken place and the all clear issued.  

The WA Country Health Service advises that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition should be prepared and have a cyclone emergency plan – including sufficient medication.

If you are sick during a red alert, call health direct or 000 in case of emergency.