02.05.2017 14:49 Age: 4 yrs

Wheatbelt health services receive updates

It’s full steam ahead for Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kellerberrin, Kondinin and Narembeen Health Service refurbishments with construction underway.

Devlyn Constructions won the building contract for Bruce Rock, BGC Constructions won the building contracts for Corrigin, Kondinin and Narembeen, and Firm Constructions won the building contract for Kellerberrin.

Approximately $24 million has been allocated to upgrade seven Wheatbelt hospitals under the fourth phase of the Southern Inland Health Initiative’s small hospitals and nursing post refurbishment program at Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kellerberrin, Kondinin, Mukinbudin, Narembeen and Williams.

Bruce Rock Memorial Health Service upgrades will include a new ambulance entrance, new main entry with accessible ramp, new reception, new triage room off the waiting area, refurbished multipurpose consultation room, new mental health consult room, new ensuite and upgraded shower and toilet for inpatients, refurbished patient laundry, new courtyard for palliative care patients and a refurbished kitchen.

Corrigin Health Service upgrades will include a new resuscitation room and triage room for the emergency department, an enlarged staff station and upgraded clean utility area, conversion of patient bathroom into a public accessible toilet, three new multipurpose consultation rooms and a refurbished kitchen.

Kellerberrin Memorial Health Service upgrades will include a new clean utility room added to the emergency department, conversion of a staff resource room into a triage assessment room, an upgraded telehealth-enabled multipurpose consultation room and an upgraded kitchen, reception and waiting area.

Kondinin Health Service upgrades include improved outpatient care areas with new multipurpose consultation room, new palliative care room with outdoor area, new staff offices and dining room and an upgraded kitchen.

Narembeen Health Service upgrades include an improved multipurpose consult room, an upgraded main entrance and waiting area and a refurbished kitchen.

WA Country Health Service Wheatbelt Regional Director Sean Conlan said there will be minimal disruption to services during the refurbishments and that they will be progressively completed by early 2018.

“It’s important to continue to improve regional health services as it means more patients can receive treatment close to home, without having to travel long distances for treatment,” he said.

Tender evaluation is currently in progress for the new health centres at Mukinbudin and Williams and tenders are expected to be awarded later this month.

The Southern Inland Health Initiative represents the State’s single biggest investment in regional health care in WA history. For an extensive list of upgrades visit the WA Country Health Service website.