10.12.2018 15:14 Age: 199 days

Statement from first responders: Indian Ocean Drive

As country based clinicians, we are adept at treating patients in extreme circumstances and what occurred yesterday on Indian Ocean Drive was no different.  

We only did what we believe any other person with our training would have done in the same circumstance - stopped and helped in any way we could. For us, being a doctor and nurse based in an emergency department setting meant we were able to assist in treating those injured from the side of the road.

We praise the sterling efforts of the paramedics, police, firemen and volunteers in attendance yesterday. Although tragic circumstances, it is a great example of rural health workers and emergency services coming together to save lives.

Out of respect to those involved and their families, we will not be commenting any further but would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be safe on the roads not just at Christmas, but all year round. 


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