28.04.2020 15:23 Age: 152 days

WA Country Health Service hospitals and health services continue to keep country communities safe during COVID-19

  • WA Country Health Service hospitals and health services safe to visit during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Patients are encouraged to attend booked face-to-face appointments and elective surgeries if they have not been rescheduled
  • Robust safety measures in place at all country health sites, including adequate supply of personal protective equipment

The WA Country Health Service is continuing to deliver high-quality, safe health services to regional and remote areas of Western Australia with increased safety measures in place to protect communities from COVID-19.

The WA Country Health Service’s Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr Andrew Jamieson said that some crucial elective surgeries and face-to-face appointments were proceeding as planned and patients are encouraged not to postpone.

“If patients have elective surgeries or face-to-face appointments booked that haven’t been rescheduled, it means that they’re safe to proceed and it’s best not to delay attending,” Dr Jamieson said.

“The WA Country Health Service takes the care of its patients very seriously, with highly skilled staff providing each patient with exceptional care in a safe environment.

“We have always had thorough infection control measures in place and need to be clear: our hospitals and health services are safe places to be.”

Dr Jamieson said robust safety measures were in place at all WA Country Health Service hospitals and health services including personal protective equipment and rigorous infection control processes.

“We can assure you of a safe environment if you need medical treatment, so please come to our emergency departments, go to your scheduled surgeries and your allied health appointments if they haven’t been rescheduled and come to us when it’s time to deliver your babies,” Dr Jamieson added.

Some elective surgeries across the WA public health system have been postponed to allow hospitals and staff to prepare for COVID-19 with some elective surgeries recommencing from Tuesday 28 April 2020 in a limited, staged approach.

Elective surgeries that have not been changed or cancelled as well as those that are recommencing are safe to proceed as planned. 

All WA Country Health Service hospitals and health services across country Western Australia are open and available to safely treat those who need medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.