About the alcohol and pregnancy team

The 'Alcohol and pregnancy: what are the risks?' program is an initiative of the Pilbara Health Partnership and managed by the Pilbara Community Drug Service Team. Find out more about the role of the team.

Pilbara Community Drug Service Team

The Pilbara Community Drug Service Team (PCDST) provides the Pilbara Region with counselling and information services for alcohol and other drugs. It is 1 of 12 community based alcohol and other drug services in a state-wide network.

The team is made up of one Coordinator, and seven Counsellor/Educators, servicing the towns of Port/South Hedland, Karratha, and Newman, as well as the outlying areas.

The PCDST also incorporates the Pilbara Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Program, a specialised service providing skilled indigenous workers in the alcohol and other drug field.

Our role

The role of the PCDST is:

  • To provide alcohol and other drug counselling to individuals, families and groups
  • To provide alcohol and other drug education to communities and professionals
  • To support community initiatives in minimising the harm associated with problematic alcohol and other drug use in the region.

Services provided

PCDST offers:

  • Advice and consultation to the community on alcohol and other drug issues
  • Support to school initiatives to prevent and reduce drug-related problems
  • Provide education sessions on drugs and drug use
  • Support to Local Drug Action Groups
  • Promotion of and assistance with organising drug-free events
  • Information and implementation of drug policies
  • Monitor local drug and alcohol trends
  • Provide training for professionals
  • Resources for managing issues related to alcohol and drug use.

Pilbara Health Partnership

The Pilbara Health Partnership is a joint project of the WA Country Health Service and BHP Billiton Iron ore.

We would like to extend our gratitude to BHP Billiton Iron Ore for their sponsorship through the Pilbara Health Partnership.