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24 January 2012 - Study scholarships help Port Hedland sisters find their voices

Port Hedland sisters Nadine and Cheryl Geary have joined the growing number of WA Country Health Service Aboriginal employees to win "Make a Difference" scholarships to assist with the costs of pursuing further study. Media Statement

12 January 2012 - Virtual Fire Training Hits Pilbara Health

More than 125 WA Country Health Service Pilbara staff received state-of-the-art fire training last month using a new "virtual" training system which provides convenient, hands-on training at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Media Statement

8 December 2011 - New Community Paramedic Service for Wickham and Roebourne

Wickham and Roebourne now have their first, fully qualified community paramedic. Community Paramedic Paul Willett, who will cover the paramedic sub-centres in both towns, said his position would help to support and grow the existing volunteer ambulance services in the communities. Media statement

8 December 2011 - Aboriginal scholarships boost health in the Pilbara 

Port Hedland's Harriet Fitzpatrick is one of seven dedicated WA Country Health Service Aboriginal employees recently awarded a "Make a Difference" scholarship to assist with the costs of pursuing further study.  Media statement

16 November 2011 - New specialist program improving emergency care in Pilbara 

Karratha residents now have specialists trained in emergency medical care thanks to a pilot program that brings emergency medicine specialists from Royal Perth Hospital and interstate to Nickol Bay Hospital. Media statement

16 November 2011 - Newman Hospital upgrade underway 

The redevelopment of Newman Hospital's medical imaging facility began this week (November 14). The project will enable the hospital to conduct better quality x-rays in half the time, putting it on par with hospitals around the State. Media statement

18 August 2011 - Workshops enhance health worker leadership skills

More than 35 WA Country Health Service Pilbara staff participated in workshops to enhance their leadership and collaboration skills recently during a unique program held in Port Hedland and Roebourne. Media Statement

12 July 2011 - Newman Community Paramedic Program continues to lead the way

Newman continues to set the benchmark for Community Paramedic programs in Western Australia, with more than 45 people registered as volunteer ambulance officers in the town to date. Media Statement

5 July 2011 - Inspirational Aboriginal health staff recognised during NAIDOC week

Twelve Aboriginal health staff will be recognised for their service to the WA Country Health Service - Pilbara this week (4-8 July) by being awarded an inaugural NAIDOC Service Award. Media Statement

 2 June 2011 - Pilbara health staff refresh trauma management skills

A total of 21 health professionals from across the Pilbara met in Karratha recently to refresh their skills in managing patients involved in acute trauma. Media Statement

1 June 2011 - New South Hedland sexual health nurse promotes 'holistic' education

South Hedland's new Sexual Health Nurse Cheryl Morton is bringing her passion for education and holistic care to the Pilbara's coastal areas in a bid to help decrease the number of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and blood-borne viruses in the region. Media Statement

16 May 2011 - Community engagement key to success in sexual health role

An initiative to decrease the number of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and blood-borne viruses in the Pilbara is already having an impact, with the new sexual health nurse in Newman so far performing more than 105 STI screenings and 13 Pap Screening Clinics, and referring at least one patient for surgery. Media Statement

6 April 2011 - Boost to child health in Karratha with new paediatrician post

Child health services in Karratha received a welcome boost recently with the appointment of the community's first paediatrician. Media Statement

28 March 2011 - Nickol Bay Hospital staff on course to advance their emergency care skills

A total of 25 Nickol Bay Hospital staff have advanced their skills in providing life support and care and treatment in emergency situations, by undertaking accredited courses funded under the $38.2 million Pilbara Health Initiative. Media Statement

28 March 2011 - Advanced CT scanner benefits local patients

More than 2500 patients in Karratha and the West Pilbara have already benefited from Nickol Bay Hospital's state-of-the-art CT scanner since it was installed last year, Health Minister Kim Hames and Vince Catania, Member for North West said today. Media Statement

3 March 2011 - Port Hedland Aboriginal Liaison Office Bridging Health Gap

As a Port Hedland resident for 40 years and an enrolled nurse for 30 years, Sue Walker is using her considerable local knowledge and health industry experience to help make healthcare more accessible to Aboriginal people. Media Statement

18 January 2011 - Clever practitioner carts arrive in the Pilbara

Hospitals in the Pilbara have received new state-of-the-art portable practitioner carts used to transmit patients' vital signs to doctors and specialists in other locations. To view the full media statement visit the Ministerial website.

13 January 2011   Karratha grandmother graduates with honours from nursing school

A Karratha grandmother has beaten the odds to graduate as an enrolled nurse and take out the top honour in her class. To view the full media statement visit the Ministerial website 

16 December 2010 - New position at Newman Hospital helps to close the gap

Lex Collard loves his job at Newman Hospital, working with local Aboriginal people. The newly appointed Aboriginal liaison officer, Mr Collard came out of retirement to work in the emergency department at Newman Hospital. He is helping to close the gap, working with clinical staff and Indigenous patients and improving the management and coordination of care in the emergency department. Media Statement

25 November 2010 - Karratha's first community midwife making a difference

High-risk mothers and babies in the Pilbara now have access to consistent antenatal and postnatal care through a new Community Midwife. Media Statement

15 October 2010 - Pilbara indigenous employment program set to improve indigenous health (PDF)

Health and Indigenous Affairs Minister Kim Hames today officially launched the WA Country Health Service Pilbara's Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) in Port Hedland.

13 October 2010 - WACHS Pilbara Community Consultation (PDF)

Newman residents were given an opportunity to provide their views on local and regional health services at a recent series of public forums.

1 October 2010 - Polishing emergency training skills in Newman hospital (PDF)

Newman Hospital's operational readiness for a mass casualty incident was tested this week in an emergency management training exercise.

13 August 2010 - Health services community consultation kicks off in Newman (PDF)

East Pilbara residents are being urged to have their say about local health services as part of community consultation taking place in Newman on August 25 and 26.

11 August 2010 - Focus on emergency neonatal care in the Pilbara (PDF)

A two-day workshop run by staff from King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) to promote better management of newborn babies and the safe transport of sick newborn babies from the Pilbara was held in Port Hedland this week.

30 July 2010 - New defibrillator for Tom Price Hospital

Great things come in small packages and as far as medical equipment is concerned, this applies to Tom Price Hospital's new defibrillator.

14 January 2010 - CT scanner at Karratha

A new state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) scanner installed at Nickol Bay Hospital is already benefiting patients in Karratha and the West Pilbara by reducing the need to travel to Port Hedland or Perth for scans.

13 August 2009 -  New partnership adds more funds for Pilbara health

A new partnership of the Liberal-National Governments Royalties for Regions initiative and major industries in the Pilbara would significantly boost funding for the regions health services.  

Community consultation

Pilbara residents have been given the opportunity to provide their views on local and regional health services at a number of public forums.

The issues raised at these forums are detailed in the following documents:


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