Planning and development

The new Hedland Health Campus is now open. Here you can find information on the planning and development, building design features, key project milestones and the public art project.

Building design features

Features include:

  • The Hedland Health Campus is a single level building (approx. 12,000 sq m) consisting of 4 main pavilions linked by communal spaces and enclosed walkways.
  • The design brief for the centre was sensitive to the social context of high proportions of indigenous people and responds to the extreme climatic conditions experienced in the region. 
  • The building is a steel frame structure with metal infill frames clad partly with corrugated sheeting and compressed fibre cement sheeting. The combination of these materials achieves the cyclone rating required for buildings in Hedland.
  • The roof space has been designed to include an intermediate layer to act as a heat buffer. This is unique to this class of building and is aimed to provide environmental sustainability through reduction of heat gain, thereby reducing the air conditioning load and hospital running costs.

Key project milestones

Forward works 2008

Forward works for the $138.4 million project were completed in February 2008 by Outlook Contracting Pty Ltd and Doric Construction began the second phase of construction in August 2008.

Lock-up stage achieved 2009

An important milestone in the construction of the Hedland Health Campus was achieved in late December 2009 with the hospital reaching 'lock-up' stage.

Construction completed 2010

Construction was completed on schedule with the new campus officially handed over to WA Country Health Service Pilbara in October by the Doric Construction Group, which has been working on the new facility over the past 18 months.

Open for business 2010

Hedland Health Campus opened its doors on 17 November 2010. The old Port Hedland Hospital is now closed.

Public art project

Public art project collage of images

Australian artists Arif Satar and Audrey Fernandes-Satar were selected as lead artists for the public art project for the new Hedland Health Campus.

They teamed with Ross Councillor, community advisor for the Hedland Health Campus development, to collaborate and engage with local indigenous groups on a design feature for the hospital's courtyard area. This consultation process began in Port Hedland in August 2009.

The primary aim of the consultation process was to collaborate and engage with the community to develop the content of the work and to address elements of the history, life and culture of South Hedland through collaborations with the Custodians of the land, the Kariyarra people, and other indigenous groups.

The artists have recently completed the installation of the artwork underneath the external pergolas, which will also be visible from the air.