RN, RM and mental health EN salaries and benefits

This page provides information on salaries and benefits for registered nurses and midwives, as well as mental health enrolled nurses, employed by the WA Country Health Service.


Please refer to the Australian Nursing Federation - WA Health Industrial Agreement 2007 for more information on salaries of registered nurses and midwives, and enrolled nurses in mental health employed by the WA Country Health Service.

General benefits

Registered Nurses (RN), Midwives (RM) and Mental Health Enrolled Nurses (EN) are eligible to receive the following benefits under the terms and conditions of the Australian Nursing Federation-WA Health Industrial Agreement 2007:

  • Competitive base salary arrangements
  • Salary packaging
  • Superannuation (mandatory 9%)
  • On call allowance
  • Recall allowance
  • Overtime allowance
  • Higher duty allowance (after 5 days)
  • Professional development leave (16 hours/2 days per year)
  • Postgraduate qualification allowance
  • Study leave (5 hours per week; work-life balance)
  • Shift work allowance
  • Accrued days off
  • Travel allowance (reasonable expenses reimbursed)
  • Motor vehicle allowance (reasonable expenses reimbursed)
  • Distant appointment allowance
  • Long service leave (13 weeks every 10 years, then every 7 years)
  • Parental leave (14 weeks paid, 52 weeks total)
  • Annual leave (4 weeks/20 days)
  • Deferred Salary Scheme
  • Public holiday leave (10 days)
  • Personal leave
  • Blood plasma donors leave (2 hours per visit)
  • Emergency services leave
  • Defence Force Reserves training leave (paid or unpaid leave of absence)
  • Cultural ceremony leave (annual leave)
  • International sporting events leave
  • Witness and jury service
  • Trade union training leave
  • Transfer allowance
  • Disturbance allowance
  • Removal allowance
  • Property allowance
  • Relieving/special duty allowance (reasonable expenses reimbursed)
  • Uniform and laundering allowance (in lieu of free provision)
  • Bringing Nurses Back into the Workforce bonus.

Other benefits

You may also be eligible for the following State and Commonwealth Government benefits:

  • Air-conditioning subsidies
  • Home Ownership Subsidy Scheme
  • Subsidised rental accommodation
  • Zone or special area tax offset.

Please download the PDF version of this information for more details.

District-specific benefits

Please download RN, RM and mental health EN district-specific benefits (PDF) for a list of benefits specific to each employment district and remote area.