Educational Opportunities

Educational and training provided by the central Medical Education Unit (MEU)

Medical Education and Training

You can expect quality education programs in your rural placement that provide you with the core skills you are expected to learn at each stage of your medical training.  

In each country region, the central Medical Education Unit (MEU) supports junior doctors and the regional medical education teams to provide professional development.   The regional Director of Clinical Training and Medical Education Officer will also facilitate the delivery of customised education and training programs that reflect the local context and specialty areas.

The range of professional development opportunities available through the central MEU include communication, mentoring and leadership programs conducted for junior doctors and clinical supervisors. These programs include;

  • Communication - Presentation Skills  - Medical Staff
  • Leadership - Foundations for Leadership - Residents and Registrars
  • Assessment, Teaching and Supervision - Teaching on the Run - Medical Supervisors of Junior Doctors

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Resuscitation & Simulation Education

The MEU Simulation Education Coordinators are responsible for the development, coordination and delivery of a multitude of resuscitation and simulation based training across WA Country Health Service.  Course information is detailed below, to express your interest in attending a course click on the location and date of the relevant course to complete the EOI form.

Resuscitation Education Flyers Expression of interest form
ARC Advanced Life Support 1  New dates coming soon
ARC Advanced Life Support 2

 21st & 22nd August - Port Hedland  / 15th & 16th October - Kununurra 

 30th & 31st October - Geraldton / 28th & 29th November  - Kalgoorlie

APLS Paediatric Life Support  New dates coming soon
Simulation Education Flyers Expression of interest form
NHET Sim  26th & 27th September - Hedland
Manikin Familiarisation  20 November - Hedland
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Emergency Medicine Education & Training (EMET)

The Emergency Medicine Education and Training (EMET) Program was established to improve the quality of and access to, emergency care in areas of need, particularly in rural Australia. This is achieved through the increased provision of emergency medicine education, training and supervision led and delivered by Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. 

The WACHS EMET program is comprised of six regional and one central hub.  Central EMET opportunities are detailed below, to express your interest in attending click on the location and date of the relevant course and complete the EOI form.

 EMET Course Flyers Expression of interest form
Rural & Remote Emergency Medicine Workshop 2nd & 3rd November - Bunbury
Trauma Skills Refresher Course   20th August - Broome  7th December - Kalgoorlie

Safe Assessment & Management of the Aggressive Patient

New dates coming soon
Psychiatric Emergencies Assessment & Care 24th October - Broome
Simulation Moulage Training Day 16th November - Perth
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The WACHS EMET Program has received Commonwealth Department of Health funding and Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) support for participation in the Specialist Training Placement and Support (STPS) activity under the 'Specialist Training Program'








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