Amendment request forms

As a condition of ethical approval, the CPI must seek and gain approval from the WACHS HREC (who granted initial approval) for proposed amendments to the research project, which may affect the ethical or scientific acceptability of the research project.

An amendment consists of a change made to the terms of the original ethics or governance application, the protocol, or any other supporting documentation after the study has started. An amendment will require ethical ethical or governance review, or a combined review, depending on the nature of the amendment. 

For all projects, please complete the WA Health Amendment Request Form and send through via email to:

For the addition of non-WA Health research personnel, please ensure the WA Health Declaration of Confidentiality Form or the WA Health Student Research and Confidentiality Declaration Form (for students affiliated with universities) is completed and submitted in conjunction with the amendment form.

Most administrative ethical amendments and all governance amendments will be reviewed out of session, however the HREC Chair reserves the right to request an amendment requiring ethical review is tabled at the next available HREC meeting for the full committee's review. 


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