Ethics review information

Ethical review ensures a research project is honest, objective, respectful, whilst also being accountable to the public and encouraging moral and social values.

WA Country Health Service Human Research Ethics Committee

The Ethics Review Function incorporates the WACHS HREC and is coordinated by the Ethics and QI Coordinator. WACHS HREC meetings take place on the second Thursday of every month (except in January when the Committee is in recess). The submission deadline is just over three weeks before the meeting.

Refer to the WACHS HREC information page for further details regarding the HREC reports, terms of reference and membership composition. 

Submission process

Please refer to the RGS website for the submission instructions. 

To avoid any unnecessary delays, researchers are encouraged to complete their application to a high standard ensuring sufficient information is provided, and to submit prior to the submission deadline to secure a place on the upcoming meeting agenda and allow for liaison with the Ethics Coordinator for any further information that may be required prior to validating the submission.

Application forms

A new application requires the following documents (which is embedded within the application section of the RGS website): 


  • WA Health Research Protocol (for Non-Clinical Trials) Form
  • WA Health Participant Information and Consent Form - further information can be found below
  • Other supporting documentation (such as letter to participants, data collection tools, surveys, questionnaires, recruitment material)
  • Approvals from any other Human Research Ethics Committee - such as specialised HREC approvals (DOH HREC or WAAHEC), university HREC approvals or any other institution approvals

Participant information and consent forms (PICF)

It is now a requirement for multi-centre research to have both a master and site PICF. The master is reviewed by the HREC, and the site version (which is based on the master with site details inserted) is reviewed by the site's Research Governance Coordinator. WA Health investigators are encouraged to utilise the WA Health PICF template and all researchers should consult the NHMRC Ethical Issues and Resources for guidance in the formulation of PICF wording for human research.

If a research project is administered by a WACHS employee, documentation provided to participants requires the WACHS logo. All other administering institutions must include their logo. The PICF must also contain a statement advising ethical approval has been granted by WACHS HREC and the contact details listed below for any concerns or complaints.

Contact information:


Telephone: (08) 6553 0814 or (08) 6553 0982