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Governance review of the research protocol is required to confirm the suitability of single or multi-centre research to be conducted at sites. It entails risk management and the identification of ‘actual’ or ‘in kind’ resources that will be required for the conduct and completion of the project and whether they can be met by either the sponsor or the Health Service. It enables Health Services to reduce risk and quantify the contribution of resources and assist with future operational planning and budgets. All human research projects must undergo governance review before commencement of the research.

The Research Governance Review Function is coordinated by the WACHS Research Governance Coordinator in Central Office. 

Submission process

A) For projects that received ethical approval from early 2017 via the RGS IT System, please submit your governance application through this system and refer to the RGS website for the submission instructions

Please note, as part of the Research Governance Service IT system submission process, researchers are required to obtain authorisations from relevant Hospital Administrators via RGS. WACHS adopts a different process for obtaining the relevant authorisations and this is coordinated at WACHS Central Office. Therefore please allocate Won Park (Acting Clinical Research Manager), as delegate for Hospital Administrators, to sign the Site Specific Assessment Form and Access Request Form for all WACHS sites, in addition to authorising each site's budget form on RGS. Site authorisations will be sought by the Research Governance Coordinator during the research governance review of submitted applications. 

B) For all other projects, please refer to the Research Governance Submission Instructions and send all documents via email to:

Application forms

A new governance application requires the following forms, (these forms are embedded within the application section of the RGS website). Please use the forms below for research projects that obtained ethical approval prior to the implementation of RGS; 

The WA Health Site Specific Assessment Form which assesses the suitability of the site and investigator(s) physically accessing the site in order to conduct the research.  


The WA Health Access Request Form which is required when a human research project requires support from a Health Service in the form of access to participants, tissue or data but does not involve the conduct of research at any facilities, locations or services under the control of that Health Service.

Contact Information:

WACHS Research Governance Coordinator


Telephone: 08 6553 0887

Regional Directors

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