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The site has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, including:

  • people with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
  • those with slower internet connections
  • rural and regional users
  • those with hand held devices and mobile phones.

The accessibility features available on this site include:

  • the provision of accessible content and alternative formats for non-accessible content upon request, by emailing
  • skip to links
  • instructions for resizing text and zooming
  • instructions for printing pages
  • a list of software plug-ins users may require to view the content
  • information about compatibility between pre-2003 Microsoft Office releases and newer Microsoft Office releases

Skip to links

At the top of each page there are options to skip to various areas of the page. These features will assist users of screenreaders and will also assist users that view this site zoomed in close.

Text resizing and zooming

You can adjust the size of all page content on this site using the zoom function in the browser (e.g. View > Zoom) or by holding Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in and out respectively.Similiarly, you can make the text larger or smaller using the text resize function in the browser (e.g. View > Text size).

Printing a webpage

All pages on this website can be printed by going to File > Print… in your web browser or by holding Ctrl+P.

Plug-in requirements

The following is a list of software that you may need to read the documents and files on this website:

Exchanging files between pre-2003 releases of Microsoft Office and newer Microsoft Office releases

Install this compatibility pack if you would like to open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations that were created in the newer versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


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