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Have you seen my video about telehealth? Have a look here.

Now I’d like to tell you a bit more about telehealth.

When you live on country, sometimes you have to travel for hours to have a follow-up appointment with a specialist.

But not every follow-up appointment has to be that hard! 

You might be able to have your follow-up appointment using telehealth, and talk to your specialist on a TV screen at your local hospital, health clinic or even your home.

So that means less travel and hassle for you and your family. That sounds good, eh?

Someone from your family can even be in the telehealth appointment with you to get a better understanding of your care. A health worker might also come along if they are needed.

Mind you, not every follow-up appointment can be by telehealth, because sometimes the specialist will need to see you in person. 

It’s worth having a yarn with your local health mob to see if you can have some of your appointments by telehealth. They will be able to find out and let you know.

Having a telehealth appointment is just like any other appointment with a specialist. It’s in a private room and the only difference is you will see and speak with the specialist on a TV screen, just like these fellas.

And don’t worry you won’t have to operate any complicated equipment. The friendly people at the health centre where you have your telehealth appointment make sure it is all set up for you.

All you have to do is arrive on time, sit and wait until the specialist comes on the screen and start talking. Easy!

Just like any appointment, sometimes your telehealth appointment can run a bit late. But it’s okay, the people at the clinic will let you know what’s going on.

If your specialist needs any photographs, x-rays or test results to look at during your appointment, these will be organised beforehand, no problem.

So how do you make a telehealth appointment?

Ask your specialist or the mob at your local health clinic if some of your follow-up appointments can happen by telehealth. If they can, you will be contacted with all the details you need.

Or you can ring the telehealth coordinator in your region on the number below:

Region Telehealth contact number
Goldfields 9080 5682
Great Southern 9892 2475
Kimberley 9194 1659
Midwest 9956 2345
Pilbara 9174 1613
South West 9722 2795
Wheatbelt 9690 1632