Medical contracting arrangements

Here you can find information on medical contracting arrangements including new arrangements, forms and updates.

The Importance of Our Medical Contractors

  • Medical contractors are key providers of medical services in the WA Country Health Service (WACHS). WACHS currently engages more than 800 medical practitioners through the Medical Services Agreement (MSA) arrangements.
  • The MSA arrangements cover local GPs, resident and visiting specialists and temporary replacement medical practitioners (locums), collectively referred to as Contracting Medical Practitioners - CMPs.
  • Medical contractors are not employees and the MSA is individually negotiated between the medical practitioner concerned and the WACHS region.

Medical Services Agreement (MSA)

MSA Arrangements

The engagement of Medical Practitioners under contracts for services, Medical Services Agreements (MSAs), are governed by the following policies:

  1. Engagement of Medical Practitioners under Contracts for Services Policy (MP 0079/18) 
  2. Credentialing and Defining Scope of Clinical Practice for Medical Practitioners Standard which forms part of the Credentialing and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice Policy (MP 0084/18) 
  3. Disputes about the professional conduct of a Contracted Medical Practitioner engaged under a Medical Services Agreement Policy (MP 0083/18)

These policies deal comprehensively with Contracted Medical Practitioner (CMP) terms of engagement, management of disputes about CMP professional conduct matters and the credentialing of all medical practitioners, and collectively supersede those corresponding elements of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Minister for Health and the Boards of Management and the Australian Medical Association (Western Australia) Incorporated in respect of Clinical Privileges, Conduct and Governance in Western Australian Government Hospitals and Health Services 2015

MSA Structure and Payment Arrangements

There are essentially two different types of contract templates which adopt the specific details of the Health Service Provider:

1. Day Rate Medical Services Agreement Template 

CMPs are unable to subcontract medical services or bill for non-public patients under Day Rate contract arrangements.

The Day Rate MSA is structured as follows:

    • Cover page and Recitals pages
    • Standard Contractual Obligations and Conditions pages
    • Signatories page
    • Schedules 1 to 3 which contain the details, service requirements and obligations specific to your contract.  

2. Fee For Service Medical Services Agreement Template with subcontractors 

The FFS MSA allows for the CMP to apply to the Health Service for approval to subcontract the provision of medical services (in accordance with the scope of practice within their contract).

The FFS MSA is structured as follows:

    • Cover page and Recitals pages
    • Standard Contractual Obligations and Conditions pages
    • Signatories page
    • Schedules 1 to 3 which contain the details, service requirements and obligations specific to your contract.  
    • Schedule 4 includes a Form of Application to Subcontract Medical Services by which the CMP nominates the individual medical practitioners (subcontractor/s) who will perform the medical services detailed in the MSA. This application consists of four parts: 
      1. Personal details of Subcontractor, period of services and declaration of proposed Subcontractor.
      2. Details of CMP and Contractor's Nomination of Proposed Subcontractor and Declaration
      3. Approval of Health Service to accept the Subcontractor
      4. The terms and conditions that the Subcontractor must agree to

Information on FFS may be found at the Department of Health Website WA Government Medical Services Schedule. WACHS MSAs are negotiated at a regional level and all inquiries should be directed to your Regional Medical Director's office.

Important updates to invoicing process from 1 July 2019

For important information and contact details relating to invoicing process changes effective 1 July 2019, please refer to the Department of Health Contracted Medical Practitioners website.

Associated Requirements:

  • Medical Indemnity - Non-salaried Medical Practitioner Indemnity is provided as part of the MSA arrangements.  More information can be obtained from the Department of Health Website under Medical Indemnity.
  • Credentialing and Scope of Practice - All Medical Practitioners who are contracted under a MSA are required to have been credentialed with a defined scope of practice to provide approved medical services at the hospital nominated in the MSA, before commencing work.  The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) has a formal process of credentialing and defining the scope of clinical practice prior to appointment.  Details of requirements, processes and procedures can be obtained from your local Regional Medical Director’s Office. 

Regional Medical Director's Office contact numbers:

  • Goldfields - 08 9080 5802
  • Great Southern - 08 9892 2682
  • Kimberley - 08 9195 2483
  • Midwest - 08 9956 8742
  • Pilbara - 08 9174 1645
  • South West - 08 9781 2338
  • Wheatbelt - 08 9621 0710