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The Southern Inland Health Initiative $300 million capital works program has refurbished many small hospitals and health centres across the Wheatbelt to support better care closer to home

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Beverley Health Service:

  • redevelopment of the Emergency Department
  • three new multipurpose consultation rooms for child and allied health.
  • addition of a new disabled toilet in the Emergency Department area
  • refurbished ensuite to aged care ward
  • enhanced staff station and clean utility
  • new driveway including parking for mobility scooters
  • refurbished kitchen

Boddington Health Service:

  • new dedicated room for triage
  • upgraded main entrance and refurbished waiting area
  • relocation of staff reception area
  • new disabled toilet near waiting area
  • new communications room
  • redeveloped and upgraded kitchen

Bruce Rock Memorial Health Service:

  • new ambulance entrance, driveway and set down area close to the Emergency Department
  • new main entry with accessible ramp and public toilet off the waiting area 
  •  new triage room off the waiting area, plus main reception area 
  •  one refurbished multipurpose consult room and a new mental health consult room 
  •  new ensuite and upgraded shower and toilet in the inpatient area
  • refurbished patient laundry in the aged care area
  • new courtyard attached to palliative care area
  • refurbished kitchen

Corrigin Health Service:

  • new resuscitation room and triage room for Emergency Department
  • enlarged staff station and upgraded clean utility area
  • conversion of patient bathroom into a public accessible toilet
  • three new multipurpose consultation rooms
  • refurbished kitchen

Dalwallinu Health Service:

  • new waiting area, triage room and public disabled access toilet
  • purpose built child health consult room with improved waiting space
  • new multipurpose consult room
  • two upgraded fully assisted patient bathrooms
  • refurbishment of kitchen
  • purpose-built secure medical records and communications room
  • division of inpatient and outpatient areas by installation of controlled security doors

Goomalling Health Service:

  • major refurbishment and extension to Emergency Department to include resuscitation bay, treatment bay, dedicated triage room, waiting room, clean and dirty linen utilities and storage area
  • new TeleHealth enabled dual egress consult room
  • redevelopment of kitchen
  • improved security throughout the building to allow separation between patient, outpatient and staff areas
  • a refurbished inpatient room

Jurien Bay Health Centre:

  • new triage room, staff room and communications room. 
  • new dental treatment area. 
  • improved outpatient care facilities including installation of dual egress doors to two consult rooms 
  • improved security for staff and patients
  • child health and acute treatment areas 
  • clean and dirty utility rooms and improved storage areas 
  • new staff meeting room, improved offices, workstations and hot desks
  • modified vehicle turnaround and access road and additional parking

Kellerberrin Memorial Health Service:

  • upgraded Emergency Department including a new clean utility room
  • conversion of a staff resource room into a triage assessment room
  • upgraded TeleHealth-enabled, multipurpose consultation room
  • new accessible toilet
  • upgraded kitchen
  • upgraded reception and waiting area
  • new medical records and updated communications rooms

Kondinin Health Service:

  • improved outpatient care areas with new multipurpose consultation room
  • new palliative care room with outdoor area
  • new staff offices new staff dining room
  • upgraded kitchen 

Kununoppin Health Service:

  • upgraded Emergency Department and pathology area
  • upgraded disabled access toilet off waiting area
  • new triage room
  • improvements to the GP consultation area including sound proofing and a new medication room for the GP
  • upgraded fully assisted bathrooms and ensuites for inpatients
  • new patient laundry
  • refurbished kitchen

Lake Grace Health Service:

  • upgraded emergency treatment area to enhance medical services for the community
  • new multi-purpose clinical consultation room for visiting doctors, specialists and nurses
  • new utility, store rooms and toilets
  • updated waiting area
  • kitchen upgrades 
  • upgraded aged and acute care ward, including toilets, bathrooms and showers
  • improved nurses station and relocated offices.

Moora Health Service:

  • improved main entrance and larger waiting area
  • dedicated room for triage
  • new parenting room and dedicated child health consult room
  • four new consult rooms and clean utility for outpatient care 
  • new group activity room and outdoor therapy area
  • new community renal dialysis area for two dialysis chairs
  • extension to the existing aged care lounge/dining room for residents
  • refurbished staff areas including reception, offices, meeting rooms and staff amenities

Narembeen Memorial Health Service:

  • improved multipurpose consult room
  • upgraded main entrance and waiting area 
  • refurbished kitchen

Quairading Health Service:

  • expanded Emergency Department to provide a resuscitation bay and acute treatment bay, pathology bay and clean utility
  • new triage room 
  • enlarged staff station
  • new multipurpose dual egress consultation room 
  • introduction of secure access for staff to staff areas
  • new disabled toilet for residents in acute care
  • new medical records storage room and upgraded communications room
  • upgraded kitchen ventilation and extraction

Southern Cross Health Service:

  • redevelopment of the Emergency Department to include a resuscitation room and acute treatment room
  • new clean and dirty utility rooms, and a disabled toilet
  • an upgraded x-ray room and medical records area
  • realignment of ambulance entry for improved patient flow
  • multipurpose consultation room

Wagin Health Service:

  • new multi-purpose clinical consultation room for visiting doctors, specialists and nurses
  • creation of a waiting area adjacent to the Emergency Department
  • new utility, store rooms and toilets
  • better access to utility rooms to improve workflows
  • relocated pathology room
  • upgraded palliative care capacity with a new fully assisted ensuite
  • relocated patient day lounge to enhance comfort for patients
  • relocated staff lounge

Williams Health Centre:

  • new entry, reception and waiting area
  • new disabled access public toilet
  • new emergency treatment bay and three multipurpose consultation rooms
  • new ambulance set down area
  • new multi-function meeting room, staff offices and workstations
  • new store rooms and cleaner's area
  • new staff toilet and shower area

Wongan Hills Health Service:

  • new Ambulance Bay canopy refurbished waiting area and disabled access toilet
  • new TeleHealth enabled multipurpose consult room 
  • new toilet and shower with trolley access in the acute care area
  • redevelopment of current kitchen area
  • improved security throughout the building to allow separation between patient, outpatient and staff areas

Wyalkatchem-Koorda Health Service:

  • redeveloped Emergency Department
  • new dual egress consultation room 
  • improved waiting area with disabled access toilet and secure reception area
  • new activity room for day therapy and enlarged activity room for aged care residents
  • two new fully assisted patient bathrooms, one with trolley access 
  • larger staff station and new clean utility area 
  • new communications room
  • refurbished kitchen

York Health Service:

  • redevelopment of the Emergency Department including new ambulance entry and triage room
  • two multipurpose consultation rooms and a child health consultation room
  • two new public toilets and an enlarged waiting room
  • new fully assisted shower and toilet for the acute area
  • enhanced new driveway and main entry including access by foot
  • new staff station and clean utility room
  • new flooring and some upgraded equipment to the kitchen


26 November 2018 Wyalkatchem-Koorda Health Service modernised as part of redevelopment  Media Statements
23 November 2018 Official opening of the Williams Health Centre  Media Statements
14 November 2018 Beverley and Quairading health service developments complete Media Statements
2 August 2018 Contemporary care at Kondinin and Corrigin health services Media Statements
24 July 2018 Over $10 million for health services in Jurien Bay and Moora Media Statements
29 June 2018 Health Service redevelopments complete Media Statements
29 June 2018 Dongara Health Centre redevelopment moves forward WACHS
20 June 2018 Cunderdin Health Centre reaches lock-up WACHS
16 March 2018 Redevelopments finished in Dalwallinu and Wongan Hills Media Statements
07 March 2018 Wheatbelt Health Service redevelopments complete Media Statements
22 February 2018 Wheatbelt patients benefit from infrastructure investment Media Statements
8 January 2017 Friends of William Health Centre to deliver art WACHS
17 October 2017 Boddington Health Service refurbishment complete WACHS
2 October 2017 Wyalkatchem-Koorda health service upgrade on track WACHS
28 August 2017 Second stage of Dalwallinu Health Service complete WACHS
25 August 2017 Jurien Bay Health Centre underdoing redevelopment WACHS
25 August 2017 Redevelopment at Goomalling Health Service progressing WACHS
10 July 2017 Builder chosen for Williams Health Centre WACHS
2 May 2017 Dalwallinu Health Service refurbishment on track WACHS
2 May 2017 Wheatbelt health services receive updates WACHS
1 February 2017 Building set to begin at hospitals Media Statements
17 January 2017 Quairading Health Service revamp ready to start Media Statements
17 January 2017 Building to start on Dalwallinu Health Service Media Statements
22 November 2016 Builders announced; four Wheatbelt Health Service refurbishments WACHS
2 November 2016 Open Day celebrates Lake Grace Health Campus Media Statements
4 December 2015 Wagin Hospital refurbishment complete Media Statements
11 November 2015 Local community representatives tour Lake Grace Health Service WACHS

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