The annual Telehealth Awareness Week provides an opportunity for statewide promotion and recognition of the positive impact telehealth has had in what has been a challenging year. Now in its fourth year, the aim of TAW20 is to showcase the benefit of telehealth during COVID-19.

Ask your clinician if you are suitable to have your next appointment via telehealth.

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth involves the use of technology to deliver health care. Telehealth enables you to have an appointment with a medical specialist, allied health professional or nurse by videoconference. A telehealth appointment is free for public patients and not having to travel for an appointment can save you time and money.

Not every appointment can be by telehealth but the easiest way to find out if your next appointment can be via telehealth is to ask your health professional.

There is also information about telehealth featuring Aboriginal comedian Mary G on the Mary G telehealth page.

The following videos, An introduction to telehealth in WA (YouTube) and Mary G talks telehealth (YouTube) shows just how easy a telehealth appointment can be. Enjoy watching.

The Emergency Telehealth Service is another important telehealth service provided throughout WA. For further information visit the Emergency Telehealth Service webpage.