Country health housing – investor partnership opportunities

WA Country Health Service is committed to ensuring our extraordinary healthcare staff have access to housing that is safe, secure, modern and comfortable, as well as sustainable, for years to come. 

We’re taking a long-term, sustainable approach to staff accommodation to help us attract and retain healthcare professionals – those who want to live permanently in regional WA as well as our visiting, agency and short-term staff. 

In addition to the financial benefits, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution to the ongoing viability of health services in regional communities by helping us provide the best possible housing for our staff. 

Find out more about investment and leasing opportunities by contacting our team today.  

Country health housing: always in demand 

Investors can be assured of ongoing demand for staff accommodation right across WACHS’s 2.5 million square kilometre area.

We have more than 100 hospitals and health services and our 10,000-strong workforce of doctors, nurses, allied health, specialists, patient support, admin and more work in 145 locations in regional and remote WA. 

We have a large permanent staff base who move frequently within the organisation, as well as a high number of people who choose to come and go for temporary assignments – all of which sees accommodation in high demand. 

Good quality housing is also needed for our large visiting specialist practitioner workforce and a student cohort who are keen to build a career in country WA, gain experience and experience the best of living in regional Western Australia. 


  • Guaranteed rental income every month regardless of changes in occupation
  • Long-term leases available between 1-10 years
  • Fair market rent or cost rent reviewed annually
  • No additional costs 

Fast facts 

  • WA Country Health Service currently leases and owns more than 1,500 staff accommodation properties. Many of these will need to be upgraded and replaced in coming years. 
  • In addition to our current stock we’re looking to provide more than 300 additional dwellings in a range of regional locations. 
  • Many of our staff bring their families with them, which affects their housing requirements. 
Last Updated: 11/08/2023