Live Organ Donor Travel and Accommodation Reimbursement Scheme

What is it?

The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is committed to the Western Australian organ donor program. The WACHS Live Organ Donor Travel and Accommodation Reimbursement Scheme provides suitable kidney donors with assistance in travelling to Perth to participate in the program.

Under the scheme, WACHS will reimburse reasonable travel expenses incurred by donors for kidney donation assessment, retrieval and one-post operative visit (if this cannot occur through Telehealth).

The costs for medical tests, hospital accommodation and medical specialist appointments are met by the tertiary hospital coordinating the live kidney donation.

Information about the scheme

Please download the following documents for more information:

To find out more or to participate in the scheme, contact your WA Country Health Service regional director (refer to contact us page).

Similar programs

The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme is a separate WA Country Health Service program for country residents travelling for specialist medical services where they are not available locally.

Last Updated: 09/10/2023