Inpatient Telehealth Service

The Inpatient Telehealth Service (ITS), helps avoid the need to transfer inpatients long distances for short inpatient stays, keeping patients care closer to home. 

It enables:

  • Local GPs to hand over admitted patients to an ITS GP for remote clinical management of patients while the GP is unavailable.
  • ETS and ITS doctors to admit an ETS patient to a local site, in the absence of a local admitting doctor, reducing the need to otherwise transfer an ETS patient for admission.
  • With our PalCATS service, we can provide coordinated care to palliative patients and families in the patient’s hometown and provide the need for transfer to another facility.

Our teams of doctors include experienced rural generalists and medical officers who have worked previously for WA Country Health Service. 

Since the service was introduced in 2018, we have helped around 93 per cent of inpatients avoid the need to be transferred at any time during their hospital stay. 


Last Updated: 16/04/2024