PATS claim forms and information sheets

PATS Registration and Recipient Details – Form A

  • Register for PATS for the first time.
  • Update your details if you’re a current PATS recipient.
It can be submitted by itself, or with Forms B or C when applying for PATS subsidies.


PATS Reimbursement – Form B

  • Lodge (eligible) reimbursement claim of your PATS subsidy after attending your specialist appointment.

Reimbursements must be lodged within 12 months of your appointment.

Individual claims must be submitted for each trip.

It may take up to six weeks to process your claim. Please contact your local PATS office to obtain an update on your claim.


PATS Assistance in Advance (AiA) – Form C


PATS is a subsidy reimbursement scheme, however if you need your subsidy to help you get to your appointment, you may be eligible for your subsidy to be paid prior to your appointment.

  • Apply for assistance in advance prior to your trip (Form C1)
  • To confirm attendance at your specialist appointment, if you received any assistance in advance before attending your appointment (Form C2).

If you are planning to travel within 48 hours, please also contact your local PATS office via telephone. 

This reference document details your rights and responsibilities as a PATS recipient and includes some key information to help streamline the PATS processes for you.

If you are awaiting an outcome on a motor vehicle insurance or workers’ compensation claim, please complete and submit the Statutory Declaration Form to your Local PATS Office.

To declare that you are awaiting an outcome and if/when settled will reimburse the health service all costs paid by PATS.

Visit the Perth Airport website for information on how to get to and from the airport.

These accommodation options are close to commonly used hospitals and may help you when sourcing accommodation.

PATS does not have a formal relationship with any accommodation providers, and you will be reimbursed as per your eligibility regardless of which accommodation provider you choose.

Prices and rates current as per accommodation websites in August 2023.

Possible accommodation options near

Last Updated: 15/04/2024