Population Health Services

Community health

Midwest community health services promote healthy outcomes for infants, young children and their families through a comprehensive approach in collaboration with parents and carers. 

Services provided include:

  • Complete health checks and assessments of children’s physical, developmental, social and emotional needs physical and developmental assessments which review child health, development and behaviour.
  • Psychosocial assessments including community and family networks and supports.
  • Information regarding parenting and development of parenting groups.
  • Maternal health and wellbeing including assessment for post-natal depression.
  • Child safety including safe sleeping.
  • Immunisation.
  • Breastfeeding and nutrition.
  • To timely and appropriate interventions and supports.


Public health

The Midwest public health team aims to reduce disparities in health status between social groups and empower individuals through health promotion and disease control activities. Services provided include:

  • A free sexual health clinic – two locations – Geraldton and Carnarvon - using Text-To-Treat communication.
  • A Community Pharmacotherapy Opioid Program implementation with Midwest mental health services.
  • Health service research and quality improvement programs.
  • Trachoma treatment and prevention program.
  • Culturally client orientated HIV outreach service.
Last Updated: 07/08/2023